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wild goose 600+ canning line

wild goose 600+ canning line 




The item is a used, Wild Goose 600+, carbonated/still product canning line. The line includes a SKA Fabrication, fully automatic, small footprint can depallaetizer. This machine is set up with left side discharge. Discharge is onto side-by-side twist/rinse chutes for 12 oz. and 16 oz.202x211 cans. Cans are fed into the Wild Goose,model 600+, dual lane filler/seamer having 4 fill heads and one seamer head per lane. After filling/seaming cans are conveyed through a pair of Carleton plate inverters where the bottom of the can is coded with a non contact, Hitache ink jet coder (at this point I am not sure if the Hitachi coder is included in the package). After coding, cans are conveyed through a Pack Leader model 501 pressure sensitive labeler having #4 wind. The conveyor on this machine is utilized with the labeling head turned off when pre-decorated cans are being packaged. The cans than enter the Pak Tech mod. 120/180 machine where the plastic over-cap/carrier is applied to form 4 and 6 packs of cans. There is a minimal amount of conveyor in this line and it takes up very little space. The line ran at 85-90 CPM.

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