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Used 30 bbl Criveller Brewhouse 7725 Used 30 bbl Criveller Brewhouse Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used Criveller 30 bbl 2 vessel steam heated brewhouse. The system was built new in approx 2012 and was in service until June 2021. This package includes the following: Criveller 30 bbl Mash/Lauter tun with 5 hp top mounted rake assembly and side grain out door. This is a steam heated vessel. Criveller 30 bbl brewkettle/whirlpool with steam jacket for heating (bottom and sidewall). Stainless steel brewers platform and integrated control panel, some piping. Note - Heat exchanger is not included.
Hartness model 825 Case Packer 7721 Hartness model 825 Case Packer Winery, Water, Pharma, Petro, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Hartness, model 825, fully automatic, drop style case packer. This is an all S/S machine set up for 460 volt/3-phasee operation. The machine was previously operating in a bottled water facility and has multiple grid sets, primarily 3 x 4 pack pattern. Carton and container flow is in the same direction. Includes double wide 7 1/2 wide chain by 7' conveyor side rtransfer to the packer.
Used 1100Gallon Insulated Tank 7719 Used 1100Gallon Insulated Tank Winery, Pharma, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used stainless processor tank that was previously used as a glycol/water storage tank. The tank is stainless construction with insulation and stainless cladding, closed top with top manway, mutiple top ports, Dimensions are 88" overall height, 6' Inner diameter, 76" outside diameter, 60: straightwall height. Capacity is approx 1100Gallon. The tank is outfitted with a stainless coile to allow the recirculation of Glycol/water thorught the coil. The tank was preciously used as a glycol holding tank.
Used BSV 120 bbl BBT 7718 Used BSV 120 bbl BBT Winery, Pharma, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used BSV 120 bbl jacketed brite beer tank. This tank is approx 18'6"' tall x approx 7'6" od. It is designed with optimal jacket coverage to include multiple cooling zones. The tank is constructed of stainlees steel with insulation and stainless cladding. INcluded are side inswing manway door, bottom discharge, sample valve, carbonation stone, cip arm, prv and pressure gauge. It is also outfitted with four legs with cross braces and adjustable feet.. This tank is used but in excellent shape with both cosmeticallly and mechanically. Available for shipment immediatley.
Used BSV 60 bbl BBT 7717 Used BSV 60 bbl BBT Beverage, Brewing, Food, Winery more info
Item is a used BSV 60 bbl jacketed bbt with valves and fittings. The tank is set up with 3 cooling zones on the sidewall and bottom of the tank. It includes a carbsotne, PRV, CIP, valves, and fittings. It is outfitted with a side manway door. This tank is currently in use in a bevarge facility. It is availbale for removal and shipment immediatley. The tank is approx 138IN tall x 85IN outside diameter.
Fimer 16/16/1/1 sparger/filler/corker/capper 7716 Fimer 16/16/1/1 sparger/filler/corker/capper Winery, Beverage more info
It is a used Fimer 16 clamp sparger/16 valve filler/single head corker/single head ROPP capper. The machine was manufactured in 2016 and remains in current use until the end of June. This is a gravity/light depression (vacuum) machine for still wine products. The machine operates from left to right (clockwise rotation). It is equipped with the safety guarding package and manuals are included. One bottle format (750ml Bordolese) is included with the machine. The single head corker and single head ROPP capper are located on the same turret, 180 degrees apart. The ROPP capper is set up for a 30 x 60 Stelvin closure. Operating voltage is 380/560 European. (Loading and freight charges asre additional)
Used G&D 1.5HP Glycol Chiller 7715 Used G&D 1.5HP Glycol Chiller Winery, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used G&D 1.5H single stage chiller - GD1.5H Single Stage Chiller Package consists of the following: -1 complete refrigeration circuit -Engineered high efficiency heat exchanger for maximum energy efficiency -Glycol pump -Fluid bypass valve -Insulated glycol reservoir -All insulated copper piping -ET listed complete control panel w/single point electrical connection, breakers , starters & safety switches -Freeze stat safety switch -Anti cycle timer to prevent short cycling of compressor -On/pump down/off switch -Single Stage Digital temperature controller for simple operation -Brass ball valves for supply and return glycol connection -Fully powder coated steel frame -Powder coated housing - Louvered access panels for easy service and maintenance Single Phase electronics - 208/240 - 1ph - 60hz This machine was bought new in approx 2018 and remains in excellent shape showing light use.
DCI 128 BBL Conditioning Tank 7711 DCI 128 BBL Conditioning Tank Winery, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used, DCI, 128 BBL (4,100 Gal.) S/S conditioning tank. The jacket is rated at 75 PSI and the vessel is rated at 15 PSI. Approximate dimensions are 103" OD X 15' OAH (including legs). Tip up height w/o legs is 15'4". Approximate weight is 3,400#. Previous use was brewery.

Page 5 of 69 out of 547 total items

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